Are a Group-A travel agency registered with the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) under the registration number 11825 and with the agency title By Tatilos Turizm.

Adhering to the ethical values we have brought from past and carry forward to future, we operate in many fields of tourism sector with a comprehensive range of vision. GLOBYTOUR® serves as roof for our trademarks under which we provide national and international tourism services.

We adopt the principle of “Responsible and Sustainable Tourism” as a common heading for all our operations. In this line, we show great care and sensitivity to having access to multicultural environments, intercultural dialogues and to transferring natural and historical heritages to the posterity.

We do not simply organize stereotyped travels. Prior to international travels, we organize information meetings and give travel notes to our guests to join the travels to make them more conscious and well-prepared.

We take great care in choosing our local, national and international partners. Furthermore, we are especially sensitive that all our guides are duly licensed and registered with Association of Tourist Guides.

We believe in power of digital world. We, therefore, maintain our operations online and mobile environments. We always keep updated our digital platforms which help our customers find and purchase the most ideal transportation tickets, hotels and shuttle services confidently.

We aim at keeping all our personnel under our roof most updated by enabling them to attend trainings and seminars we arrange form them under our motto, i.e. “continuous development”. And, in line with it, we provide transfer of correct and timely information to our guests.

First of all, thanks to both our operations and importance we attach to customer satisfaction, we became entitled to get Management System Certificate for Customer Satisfaction ISO 10002-2014, which requires fulfillment of management commitments concerning creation of a customer-oriented environment open to feedback (including complaints), settlement of each complaints and improvement of customer services.

In addition, we also became entitled to get Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015 as a result of our active efforts to ensure compliance with other integrated products and services, establish strategic planning infrastructure, ensure applicability of the standard on more comprehensive and different structures, enhance administrative efficiency of the system and improve our competency with respect to project management, communication management, data management, change management, risk management and performance management.


Our mission is to be a trademark which fulfills customer demands and expectations to an utmost extent by improving product and service quality continuously; creates an emotional bond with our customers and ensures customer loyalty thanks to powerful communication; becomes one of the most preferred and competitively powerful trademark by growing in the national and international tourism market and going beyond the classical formats and established cliché travel modes.


Our vision is to become a prestigious and reliable trademark worldwide which improves its own methods in its specific filed of speciality continuously in order to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in the national and international market, acts as a leader of its sector, committed to its ethical values, sensitive to environment and looks after the cultural heritages on basis of social responsibility.